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SOC2011The Office of the Summit County Executive consists of several departments, all created to be of help to you. Take a look. If you don't find the information or services you are looking for, please contact the appropriate department and ask for assistance. You'll find contact information in each department area.

For more than a century — from rubber to polymers — Summit County has been at the forefront of innovation. For this reason, it is not at all surprising we attract interest from emerging technology companies, advance manufacturing companies and have leveraged our reputation into landing the BioInnovation Institute, a force that will accelerate our region’s strong biomedical sector.

Summit County is an exciting place to live and work. Home to a vibrant central city, comfortable bedroom communities, a doctoral granting, high-output research university and a national park; Summit County offers residents a wide range of employment and recreational activities.

A model for forward-thinking regionalism; Summit County is prepared to work with our economic development partners to develop and implement a proposal that will allow your business to be competitive on a global scale. If you’re considering a move to Summit County, thank you for your consideration. Please give us a call and find out how we can help you.



Collaboration and Consolidation

Since becoming Executive in 2007, my administration and the other Summit County elected officials have collaborated with numerous government and community agencies to save tax dollars, eliminate governmental redundancies and enhance services for citizens. In part because of these collaborations and consolidations, the County has reduced its general fund spending from $122.3 million in 2008 to $100.6 million in 2012, and operates as the most financially efficient of Ohio’s six largest counties.

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