Go Green, Summit County!


In 2023, Summit County joined Power a Clean Future Ohio, a nonprofit organization building a clean energy future for all Ohio communities by engaging directly with local governments across the state. PCFO equips local leaders with tools and resources, empowering them to create and implement carbon reduction plans that are achievable, measurable, equitable, and economical.

As part of our efforts to reduce the the carbon footprint of County operations, we're also encouraging our residents and businesses to explore how they too can reduce their carbon emissions through sustainable practices and green technology. 

Thanks to the Biden Administration’s Justice40 Initiative, federal investment seeks to deliver at least 40% of the overall benefits of climate action investments to disadvantaged communities. Specifically targeting these communities helps to ensure no one is left behind in the fight against the climate crisis, and that everyone can benefit from new advancements in clean energy. Summit County is supporting efforts Justice40 efforts to reduce barriers to EVs, enery upgrades and other critical resources. 

Electric Vehicles


EV 101
Electric vehicles feature an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine and a battery instead of a gas tank. As these vehicles become more affordable, we expected to see more and more EVs on the road. To learn more about EVs, including the cost saving benefits and important info to know when buying one, visit https://driveelectricweek.org/ev101#why-ev.  
Electric vehicle charging infrastructure provides three primary types of charging capabilities. Level 1 and Level 2 charging provides alternating current (AC) to the vehicle, which converts to the direct current (DC) needed to charge the battery. The third type, DC Fast Charging, proivdes eletricity directly to the vehicle's battery. 


If you have a garage or driveway with access to electricity, you can probably charge at home. Our local electric utility, First Energy, has great information about what you will need to charge at home and how you can save money through special rate programs. Learn more at https://ohioed.chooseev.com/ev/about/


If you cannot charge at home or plan to travel with your EV, you can plug into a vast network of chargers in Ohio and throughout the country. Use the map below to find public chargers in Summit County and beyond!


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EV 101

Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden in 2022, provides tax credits to help households reduce their energy costs and transition to clean energy technologies. There are similar grants and tax credits available for non-profits and businesses to save money and invest in clean energy.


The County's partners at Power a Clean Future Ohio have compiled resource hubs to help our residents, non-profits and businesses navigate the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act. Learn more at https://co.summitoh.net/IRAResourceHub


You can use the IRA Savings Calculator below to estimate how much can you could receive in electrification incentives. 


We have also created an Inflation Reduction Act brochure to distribute at community events. Feel free to share digitally or print! 
Inflation Reduction Act



Recycling food and other organic waste into compost provides many benefits, including improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling nutrients, and even mitigating the impact of droughts.
Several organizations in Summit County offer guidance on how to compost for those interested in a DIY approach. You can also pay for composting services with Rubber City Reuse or Let's Grow Akron.
Compost Cycle

Native Planting


Native planet can help you save money and the planet! Here are five reasons to grow them according to the American Society of Landscape Architects:


  1. Native plants are healthier and stronger. Plants native to an area are more likely to establish quickly and will naturally be hardy and healthy. 
  2. Native plants create wildlife habitat in your backyard. When native plants thrive in their original environment, they create a natural habitat for wildlife that is both beneficial to the environment and adds life to your outdoor space.
  3. Native plants help the environment. Native plants also have other benefits. They require much less watering, fertilizer, and pesticides. In fact, they can prevent water run-off and improve air quality. Native plants can help decrease pollution because they eliminate the need for mowers and other equipment. Native plants have the ability to pull and store excess carbon.
  4. Native plants are low maintenance. The long-term upkeep of native plants can be dramatically less costly than turf grass, as well as take less time. 
  5. Native plants provide a wealth of colors, textures, varying heights, and bloom times, resulting in a stunning display over multiple seasons.


Summit Metro Parks offers several resources to help residents navigate native plants.
Native Plants

Business, Nonprofit and Local Government Resources

Several resources exist for businesses, nonprofits and local government to go green. Below are a few to help you get started. 
Tax Filing