School Plans

School Safety Plans--Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover

Ohio Revised Code 3313.536 requires that each facility in the state of Ohio that provides educational services to children and is subject to the Ohio Department of Education to submit an emergency management plan.

Typical Process for EMA Director Approval:

1. Send your safety plan and any other necessary documents to for review.

2. Your plan will be reviewed, and feedback will be provided.

3. Once the plan has been approved, and Police and Fire/EMS has signed the required signature page, Summit County EMA Director, Thomas Smoot will sign off on the plan.

4. The signature page will be returned to you via email, unless other arrangements have been made.

Tips for Success:

Ask questions. 

Things we typically look for in a plan:

Ensure that maps and plan have been attached.

Confirm that two on-site evacuation location have been identified and clearly described.

Check that there is mental health provider associated with the facility.