Mission, Vision and Values


Provide exceptional wastewater services which balances environmental stewardship with the demands of economic development and growth.


To be a well-respected organization that is considered a model sanitary sewer services provider who delivers safe waterways for a healthy and vibrant regional community.

Core Values

Leadership: We pursue the common good.

Work Ethic:  We exhibit diligence, truthful communication and ethical behavior in all our efforts.

Legal Compliance:  We comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations by ensuring that our sanitary sewer system is operated properly.

Accountability:  We maintain the highest levels of honesty with our customers, our business partners, and each other to ensure trust, financial responsibility and stewardship.

Long Range Planning:  We conduct long range strategic and financial planning to maximize service delivery, stabilize fees for services and build the economic stability of the Department and region.

Employees:  We work in a safe and respectful manner that promotes collaboration, trust, diversity, inclusion, and personal accountability, quality of work, continuous learning and recognition of good work.

Customer Service:  We achieve a premium level of customer satisfaction by serving our customer promptly in a responsive, respectful and transparent manner.

Professionalism:  We demonstrate a high degree of skill, competency and character.

Continuous Improvement:  We create a work environment in which we look for new solutions and experiment with innovative ways to do things - even if they don't always work the first time. Effective use of technology and innovative wastewater management practices to improve both workforce performance and infrastructure functionality.  We value excellence through planning, learning and innovative practices.

Public Education:  We enhance public knowledge of our Mission and responsibilities through open communication with our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

Loyalty:  We are committed to the County of Summit.