Charter Review Commission

Every five years, the Charter Review Commission meets to discuss potential amendments to the Summit County Charter

The Commission consists of nine electors of Summit County, no more than five of whom may be of the same political party, not more than two members may be an officeholder or employee of the County of Summit. Members are appointed by the County Executive with confirmation of the County Council.

The Commissoin has the authority to propose amendments to the Charter to the County Council. If the members propose an amendment, County Council must vote within sixty days after the proposals are received on whether or not to submit the proposals to the electors at the next general election held more than sixty days after its vote on the proposed amendments.

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2024 Charter Review Commission



James Armstrong, Chair

Jeff Snell, Vice Chair

Dr. Albert Bragg, Jr.

Sarah Buccigross

Moriah Cheatham-Williams 

Henry Johnson, Jr.

Dan Rice

Karen Talbott

Mayor Michael Wheeler