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The Justice Affairs Office is currently involved in the following programs & initiatives:

Criminal Justice Advisory Board

The Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) consists of a variety of stakeholders, including public officials and administrators, throughout the justice system who meet to discuss current issues impacting the justice system in order to provide guidance and direct policy-making.

Criminal Justice and Mental Health Forum

The Forum is dedicated to coordinating activities between the criminal justice system and behavioral health systems in Summit County aimed at improving outcomes for individuals with mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorders involved in the criminal justice system.

Summit County Reentry Network

The mission of the Summit County Reentry Network is to work in a collaborative effort to provide adult, felony ex-offenders with services that will help them overcome obstacles that prevent them from self-sufficiency. Currently these efforts are coordinated through the Justice Affairs Office.

Law Enforcement Programs

Through funding provided by the Ohio State Homeland Security Program grant for law enforcement, the Division of Public Safety assists over 200 law enforcement agencies throughout Homeland Security Region 5 with enhanced capabilities for detecting, deterring, disrupting and preventing acts of terrorism. The grant assists in providing public safety organizations with resources, including information sharing capabilities and license plate reader technology.

800MHz Regional Radio System

As part of a collaborative effort, the Summit County Division of Public Safety works in conjunction with the users of the 800MHz Regional Radio System through the governance committee, known as the System Administrative Committee (SAC) to provide system oversight and engage in operational policy making.

Community Corrections

Funding provided to Summit County by the Bureau of Community Sanctions, through the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction assists in supporting the wide variety of community corrections programs throughout Summit County, including day reporting, jail case management, probation, and work release. Recently additional funding was allocated for academic and employment programs.

Human Trafficking

The Collaborative Agains Human Trafficking in Summit County mission is to increase our community's knowledge of human trafficking through educational efforts to insure individuals are prepared to recognize and properly assist vicuims of human trafficking.  The Collaborative in Summit County has created a website at and a Resource Guide to help further this mission.

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