Victim Compensation What To Save PDF Print E-mail


  • Medical bills and proof of other medical expenses (including medica necessitites, such as a wheelchair)
  • Counseling bills
  • Proof of prescriptions purchased
  • Proof of eyeglass purchase or repairs needed due to the crime or bills for treatment of damaged eyesight 
  • Acceptance or denial letter from your application for HCAP (Hospital Care Assurance Program) or uncompensated care program. You must apply for this program and determine if you are eligibile for benefits through the hospital before the victim program will award any monies. 
  • Insurance documents, including the explanation of benefits (shows what your insurance pays and what you are responsible for paying) 
  • Keep track of your mileage for medical appointments and for any required court appearances or meetings with the prosecutor 
  • Save all ofyour parking receipts for required court appearances. You may need to prove that you were required to be there using either the subpoena you received or a letter from the prosecutor verifying the need for you to appear.