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When Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh was elected to office in 2001, she committed herself to improving services to victims of crime. Since that time, the Victim Services Division went from a largely clerical role to a full-time unit with a director, seven full-time and one part-time Victim Advocates and an administrative assistant.

Prior to the creation of the Victim Services Division, many victims of non-violent crimes were overlooked. Now all victims are notified at each level of the criminal justice system including: arraignment, pre-trials, status hearings, pleas, sentencing, motion hearings and judicial release. The program is designed to provide information and support to victims of crime as their case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

The Victim Service Division provides the following services:

  • Accompanying Victims to court.
  • Informing Victims of the status of their case.
  • Advocating on behalf of Victims.
  • Providing emergency transportation to court.
  • Informing Victims of their rights.
  • Connecting Victims to the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program.
  • Discussing Victim safety.
  • Providing referrals.
  • Speaking to community groups, block clubs, and schools on specific crime issues.
  • Providing Internet access to their case.
  • Coordinate with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to halt unwanted contact from a prisoner.

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Victim Advocate – Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, Delinquency Division, 32 hours per week, part time (does not include medical or paid vacation).

Organization Overview: 

When Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh was elected to office in 2001, she created a division dedicated to victims of crime. The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office Delinquency Division prosecutes anyone under the age of 18 who is charged with an offense committed in Summit County, Ohio. Our assistant prosecutors and victim advocates work to ensure the safety and security of our communities and provide support to victims affected by a juvenile’s delinquent acts. Victim Advocate positions are funded by grants which are applied for annually. There may be opportunity in the future for this position to transition to full time, pending grant approval.

The effects of the offense and the emotional toll of the court process can be overwhelming for victims. This employee will coordinate the services of victim-oriented agencies in Summit County with the needs of the victims.  This employee will serve victims of juvenile offenders at the Summit County Juvenile Court in Akron, Ohio. 


Accompany victims of crime to court and meetings with prosecutors, inform victims of case status, inform victims of their rights, advocate on behalf of victims, assist with safety planning and provide referrals for additional assistance.

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