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The primary responsibility of the 33 Assistant Prosecutors in the Criminal Division is to prosecute felony criminal cases through the judicial process and to work to ensure justice is served in every case.

Of the approximately 3,500 felony cases - such as murder, rape, felonious assault, drug trafficking and burglary - handled each year, we are proud of the 95 percent conviction rate (guilty at trial or pled guilty) that we have achieved. Prosecutor Walsh's Criminal Division continues to be the state leader in obtaining life sentences against child rapists.

The Criminal Felony Division has special units of prosecutors who handle Violent Crimes, Domestic Violence and Child Homicide/Rape cases. These specialty units exist within the Criminal Division to gain the best results in the cases we handle.

The Violent Crime Unit (VCU) handles the most serious cases from the grand jury phase through the trial phase and advises the police during the investigation of homicides, RICO and offenses involving the use of a firearm.

The Domestic Violence Unit is supported by federal grant money from the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. These funds are used to support the unit and to provide a Strategic At-risk Family Education - or SAFE Program - to assist Victims of domestic violence and their families. This grant also enables the Prosecutor's Office to collaborate with the Battered Women's Shelter, the Victim Assistance Program and other important agency partners in the battle against family violence.

Finally, the Child Homicide/Rape Unit handles all cases involving the death or abuse of a child. These crimes are some of the most difficult, as they involve violence against the defenseless in our community, children. We take these crimes very seriously and have a strong record of putting these offenders in prison for life.

While our chief job is to prosecute crimes, we believe in doing far more. Our goal is crime prevention. Not only must we punish the guilty, but we must also continue to protect the innocent.