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The Director of Offender Services is an executive level position, responsible for the administration of the Summit County Adult Probation Department by providing leadership, planning, direction and supervision of the operations.  The Director of Offender Services is appointed by and serves all of the judges of the Court and functions under the direction of the Administrative Judge.  The Director of Offender Services supports all judges of the Court by leading the administrative and operational functions of the Adult Probation Department.  The Director of Offender Services is a high-level, policy making, fiduciary position.

The Director of Offender Services is responsible for the operation of three primary areas of court-oriented programming:  basic community control, intensive supervision and ancillary services. The Director will promote the development and coordination of the three units into a unified and efficient justice process.  The Director will be responsible for the Department’s compliance with existing federal laws, state laws and regulations, established rules of the court, and evidence-based practices.

The Director of Offender Services provides leadership and direction to all employees of the Department in fulfilling the mission of the Court.  The Director plans and directs the operations of the Department and manages Department resources, including personnel, budget/finance and equipment.  The Director will ensure that all offenders in the county justice system are adequately tracked, assessed, supervised and monitored from the moment of intake to final release.

The Director of Offender Services is a high-level management position that functions under the administrative direction of the Administrative Judge and as such is an unclassified employee.  This is an at-will position and serves at the pleasure of the Court.  This position will require work beyond normal court hours, including weekends.  Some travel within the State is required. Performs other related duties as required and may be cross-trained to assist with other departmental duties.


Any combination of training, work experience, or equivalent, that indicates possession of the skills, knowledge, and abilities listed below.  An example of an acceptable qualification for this position is:

Education & Related Work Experience:


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in corrections, sociology, criminology, criminal justice, public administration, social services or closely related field; plus a minimum of  ten (10) years of experience as a probation or parole officer, five years of which include supervising other probation or parole officers and significant management and administrative responsibilities, including  budget preparation and human resources.  Possession of a valid Ohio Driver’s License and liability car insurance.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:


Thorough, in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, courts and probation related theories, principles, laws, case law and operations.  Ability to initiate and establish new programs and to work within a team of Department supervisors and administrators to advance management objectives.  Ability to make critical decisions in order to meet the Department’s mission.  Ability to delegate responsibilities and tasks to subordinates to enhance efficiency and to provide an opportunity for staff development. Proficiency in operating a personal computer and using, or being able to learn, Microsoft Office products, including Work, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Requires alertness, concentration, and attention to detail to ensure accuracy when typing, filing, proofreading, and replying to inquiries. Operation of a variety of standard and complex office equipment, typing, personal computer operation.

Preferred Skills

The following duties and responsibilities are normal for the position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties and responsibilities may be required and assigned.

  1. 1.Plans, directs and evaluates all the operations of the Department to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and courtPerforms overall review of department operations. Develops policies and procedures for basic probation, intensive supervision and ancillary services. Continuously analyzes and evaluates the Department structure, workflow, policies and procedures, and develops revisions as needed. 
  2. 2.Directs unit leaders in completing objectives and monitors achievement of defined goals. Provides leadership advice and instruction regarding Department
  3. 3.Establishes goals and priorities for the Department and plans, implements, manages and evaluates systems, programs and procedures to achieve these goals. Works with the court to research, develop and implement new programs and evaluates programs on an ongoing basis. Provides regular reports on department activities to the Administrative Judge. Promotes adequate safety and security for staff and clients.
  4. 4.Coordinates and streamlines the collection of information on felony offenders for the court (e.g., intake reports, assessments, treatment referrals, status updates, community control violations and sealing of convictions). Supervises the various specialized programs and treatment services forFollow, review and disseminate new case law and statutes pertaining to criminal justice field to Department staff.
  5. 5.Provides short-term and long-term planning to enable the Department to meet its goals and 
  6. 6.Develops annual Department budget for all funding streams (e.g., county general funds, federal, state, or local grants, probation fees).  Approves and monitors Department expenditures and budget to operate within budgetOversees procurement of equipment and supplies.  Represents the Department’s needs as necessary to county budgetary committees (e.g., Board of Control, County Council).  Prepares Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for contracted services, facilitates the review and selection of winning bids, coordinates with Court Executive Officer to prepare appropriate contracts. Reviews and approves invoices to facilitate payment of contracted services.
  7. 7.Provides advice and counsel to Court on probation-relatedAttends meetings of department managers and updates the Court, Court Executive Officer and other managers on issues relating to the Department.  Represents the court with other county agencies and professional associations. Develops and maintains community support and collaboration of community partners through a variety of community activities and networks. Performs required public relations activities.  Serves on various committees.  Responds to complaints and resolves problems.  Remains abreast of new developments, trends and rulings on community control issues. Attends conferences, seminars and workshops for the purpose of maintaining advanced techniques in probation administration and supervision.
  8. 8.Leads or participates in the recruitment, screening, interviewing, hiring, training and disciplining of DepartmentDevelops and implements orientation and training programs for Department employees.  Recommends the hiring, discipline and promotion of staff.  Enforces the rules set forth in the Court's Personnel Manual.  As the Department leader, participates in the ongoing review, evaluation and revision of employee policies and procedures.  Reviews and upgrades Department job descriptions, making recommendations with respect to salary classifications for all Department positions. Investigates, reviews and makes recommendations or disciplines staff members in accordance with the Court’s policies.  
  9. 9.Works with Court Grant Administrator to research grant funding opportunities and other sources of funding, develops tools to measure outcomes and ensure appropriate data and outcomes are being collected by DepartmentManages and monitors any local, state and federal grant disbursement to ensure these resources are utilized in a manner that compliments services and programming within the Department.
  10. 10.Performs other duties and assists with projects as assigned by the Court or Court ExecutiveMay be assigned to perform other duties in other departments of the Court if needed.


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