All projects located within the City of Akron must contact Akron Plans and Permits at (330) 630-7306 or (330) 375-2010 for compliance requirements. Designed to assist not only residents, but also Design Professionals, Tenants, Property and Building Owners, together the County of Summit and the City of Akron, have created a “One Stop” location for plan submittals. 

The City of Akron maintains this satellite office designated as “Akron Plans and Permits” within the Building Standards facility, designated to intake and distribute submitted documents, and to coordinate the efforts of numerous City Departments including: (Engineering, Fire, Health, Sewer, Water and Zoning). The extent of their plan review is limited in scope, specifically to determine compliance with Akron’s current, adopted Codified Ordinances and Codes. Additionally, they assign and verify all property addresses within the City of Akron. Please visit their website at: for detailed information.

The County of Summit, Building Standards Division is responsible for all plan reviews, permits, and inspections related to the Construction, Alteration and Repair for all structures located within the City of Akron, in regards to the Ohio Building Code (OBC) and the Residential Code of Ohio (RCO).

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