To Report A System Problem 24/7 Call (330) 375-2670
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Radio System Administrator: Michael Szabo
Phone: (330) 643-8008



The Summit County – Akron 800MHz Regional Radio System (SCA8RRS) is a Motorola Solutions
800MHz Mixed Mode Trunked Radio System. The system supports more than 6,000 analog and digital radios with the capacity to carry twenty-four simultaneous calls. Utilizing five tower sites and simulcast technology, the system provides mission critical communications to over 80 public safety and public works departments throughout Summit County.

The system is a partnership between the County of Summit and City of Akron. In the interest of interoperable communications and cost sharing, these entities merged their independently owned systems in 2005 to form SCA8RRS. The relationship is managed by an Interlocal Agreement.

Administration, maintenance, and repair of the system is funded by User Fees. In the event these costs exceed the amount collected, the City and County are contractually obligated to fund the balance.

The system is governed by the Summit County Communications System Administrative Committee (SCCSAC). The committee was formed under the Summit County Regional 800 MHz Radio System User Agreement to address the operational policies of SCA8RRS. Membership consists of one representative from each User Community, including the County of Summit, and City of Akron. The members elect annually a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and are guided by their adopted By-Laws. The committee meets the third Thursday of every month at 9:00am.  

The Radio System Administrator (RSA) is responsible for system operations with the goal of ensuring the system performs reliably, effectively and efficiently. Responsibilities include daily oversight; monitoring, maintenance & repair coordination; short & long-term planning; contract & budget management; policy & procedure development; and supporting the System’s users. The RSA is an employee of the Summit County Division of Public Safety and reports to the Emergency Management Executive Committee.

The City of Akron Communications Division has primary responsibility for maintenance and repair of the system. The County of Summit contracts with Motorola Solutions to provide technical and replacement parts support to the City of Akron Communications Division.

The system provides mission critical communications to a diverse base of users which includes Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Works, Hospitals, and Transportation within Summit County.

P25 - Next Generation Platform
Starting in January 2016 we will begin the transition to P25.  This will include connecting our system to MARCS to provide our users with enhanced interoperability and coverage.