Command Stat
Command Stat is an internal review process to improve operational efficiency and professionalism by holding commanders and managers accountable for all aspects of their operations. This is accomplished through the systematic analysis of statistics, evaluation of operational plans, and reviewing the effectiveness of commanders and managers.

Commanders are evaluated on their ability to:

- Manage daily responsibilities
- Focus on priority issues

- Utilize resourcesDevelop innovative means of addressing problems
- Formulate Action Plans together
- Make command decisions

Commanders gather operational and administrative data which is compiled into notebooks for review and evaluation. Commanders are expected to be knowledgeable on operational and administrative issues within their areas of responsibility. Command Stat reviews are conducted quarterly in a formal setting. During the review, commanders are asked specific questions by the Command Stat Review Board and challenged to pose solutions. Commanders must be thoroughly prepared prior to each review and able to respond to follow up questions.

Staff Inspections
Staff Inspections are an internal audit mechanism to ensure compliance by personnel in regards to policies and procedures, operational directives, and efficient professional accomplishment of the Sheriff’s Office goals. Staff inspections are conducted by thorough data collection and examination of statistics.

Staff Inspections are used to determine where there are operational deficiencies such as increased overtime or improper submission of reports. Staff inspections are also utilized to reveal crime trends. For example, by analyzing the number of calls for service it may be determined that the number of burglaries in a housing allotment substantially increased from the previous month. Statistics can also show the primary time burglaries were committed. 

Once a staff inspection has been conducted, a report is forwarded to the commander of the division or bureau. It is the commander’s responsibility to make the necessary corrections to ensure all operational functions are in compliance with established agency standards. Action Plans are formulated to determine the most efficient course of action to address the specific problem. At the next review, the commander must inform the Command Stat Review Board what actions were taken to correct the problem or deficiency. The problem/deficiency will be addressed at each review thereafter until resolved. 

Opinion Survey
The Opinion Survey program is a tool that helps the Sheriff’s Office monitor and improve our service to the community and the citizens of Summit County. The survey is mailed randomly to citizens within our communities where a deputy has responded to a requested call for service and an incident report was generated. The survey assesses the quality and professionalism of our services, and requests the citizen’s input on perceived problems within the community.    

Our Goals
Sheriff Barry is committed to making the Summit County Sheriff’s Office one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the nation. The development of progressive and challenging programs such as Command Stat is helping our commanders develop excellent leadership skills to accomplish their assigned mission. Through this systematic review program, a commander’s operational effectiveness is reviewed and his overall command performance is measured by a focused analysis. The Command Stat program helps our commanders and their support staff improve their managerial skills, which increases the overall operational efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office.

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