Planning for progress and prosperity into the 21st Century...How can the Department of Development serve you?


The Summit Business Partnership is a systematic service delivery system for economic and community development molded after proven, successful private sector customer satisfaction programs. The objective is straightforward: to satisfy, retain and grow those businesses that are already located in Summit County.

It is a proven fact that up to 80% of job growth in any community is generated by the businesses that are already located in that community – not from attraction or recruitment activities. That is why communities throughout Summit County have joined together with County Executive Ilene Shapiro and the Department of Community & Economic Development. A diverse team of service providers who can provide assistance as appropriate to support these communities.

The program is developed with four key elements:

1) Face-to-face meeting with business owners using trained,   
    professional Outreach Personnel.

2) A team of government (local, county, state) and economic 
    development service providers.

3) A Program Manager to manage the program in Summit County.

4) A technology system that enables members of the Summit Business 
    Partnership to communicate, share information, and respond quickly 
    and professionally to the needs of Summit County Businesses./p>


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