The County of Summit Department of Community and Economic Development assists FirstEnergy by administering a part of their Fuel Fund Program. Assistance is available for individuals receiving First Energy services and who are delinquent on their electric bill. Individuals must be at 200% or below of the current poverty level.

Persons applying for fuel fund assistance must provide the following on the day of service: photo identification (driver’s license or other form of photo ID); social security card; most recent delinquent electric bill or termination notice; proof of gross monthly income for all persons residing in the home for the past 30 days of application; proof of a good faith payment within the past 90 days of the date in which the customer applies for assistance. The person applying for assistance, must be the person whose name appears on the utility bill. If not, he/she must have a letter from the ratepayer dated within 7 days from the date of service giving him/her permission to apply for assistance on his/her behalf.

For more information, please call the Fuel Fund Information Line at 330-643-2068.

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